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Rogers Wireless offers caller name display


Canada's Rogers Wireless has made the lives of prank callers and shy or paranoid individuals a bit harder (and the rest of ours a bit more convenient) with the launch of Name Display, a new service that'll show a caller's name even if it's not stored in the phone's memory. They're apparently the first company to offer such a service in North America. Concerned individuals will be pleased to know, however, that they can have their name blocked from showing up on other people's phones, either by punching in #31# each time before they dial, or by phoning up Rogers to have their name permanently blocked (at no charge). In addition to showing the names of other wireless customers, it'll also display the names of landline callers from in Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Newfoundland -- and, conversely, wireless customers will now show up on landline users' caller IDs. The service is available now from both Rogers and Fido (which is wholly owned by Rogers) customers combined with the standard call display service for for $8 a month.


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