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Best Buy also has PS3 games for pre-order

Evan Blass

What, you thought Best Buy liked Nintendo better than Sony? Never one to play favorites (except to customers who buy those shady warranties), the big-box retail giant has also put some tantalizing PS3 titles up for pre-order to join the Wii games we saw the other day. Like the Wii listings, the PS3 titles also cite December 1st as a release date -- probably just a placeholder -- although the $60 prices are more in line with Xbox 360 games than the $50 Nintendo will be charging for its discs. Among the nine titles online are classic franchise sequels such as Resident Evil 5, Tekken 6, and Devil May Cry 4, along with Indiana Jones, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, and Smackdown Vs. Raw 2007, but the lack of details or screenshots on Best Buy's site means you're better off skipping the Read link and heading straight over to Joystiq if you have any interest in these games.

[Thanks, khrokon]

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