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Dual-layer Blu-ray, HD DVD-R drives, HDMI videocards and more @ Computex


While we're still awaiting official announcements, prices and exact release dates, PC Watch has a roundup of quite a few interesting high-def related products from the recent Computex exhibition. Asus displayed their dual-layer Blu-ray burner pictured above, but no model  number or pricing information. BenQ also displayed internal and external versions of the BW1000 dual-layer Blu-ray drive they'll be launching later this year. Toshiba is in the lineup with their SD-L902A HD DVD-R drive, also no price or release date mentioned.

Otherwise notable were a bevy  of HDMI-equipped videocards and motherboards, including the Abit IL-80MV. HD DVD-RAM, HD DVD-R and -RW as well as BD-RE and -RE media was on hand from a variety of manufacturers like Optodisc, Prodisc and Ritek. While no specific dates were mentioned all should be available in the second half of this year.

[Via CD Freaks]

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