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Get a glimpse of the Halo graphic novel

Marvel is offering a sneak peak at the upcoming Halo Graphic Novel (that's HGN for those of us in the know). They're teasing the Halo-faithful with some panels from each of the four main stories -- "The Last Voyage of the Infinite Succor," "Armor Testing," "Breaking Quarantine," and "Second Sunrise Over New Mombasa" -- as well as a short strip titled "Shore Leave: Master Chief on Holiday."

It also has the release date emblazoned on the back page: oh seven-twelve-oh six. That's less than a month away, fanboy. You can make it. We believe in you. Master Chief believes in you.

*Registration is required so try user/pass: gimmewallpaper/gimmewpaper (Bugmenot).

[Update: Forget Marvel's obnoxious, interactive, reg-required site. Check out for some regular, plain-ole JPGs and a little background on the preview. Thanks, supersloth!]

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