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Official Dungeon Strategy Guide Now on Sale

Mike D'Anna

Now that Brian Kopp's Unauthorized WoW Guide is back in the news, you might also be interested to know that an official guidebook for WoW has just been published. Brady Games has released the World of Warcraft Dungeon Companion, a 400-page guidebook covering all instanced dungeons currently in the game. The book's features include:

• Every Dungeon: Low-level instances and the toughest raid dungeons are all covered in this monstrous compendium. Light is shed on everything from Ragefire Chasm to the brand new Ahn' Qiraj.
• Outdoor World Boss Encounters: Learn exactly what you need to take the Azuregos, Lord Kazzak and the Emerald Dragons.
• Much more: monster information, question guidance, rewards and secret rooms.

So, if you haven't givent this game enough of your money yet this month, you can order the guide over at BlizzPlanet in the merchandise section. Let me know if it's any good...

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