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Samsung ZV50 now on Vodafone Germany's "UMTS Turbo"

Chris Ziegler

Speed freaks, rejoice: another carrier's customers are ready to be comforted by HSDPA's warm embrace. The Samsung SGH-ZV50 has dropped on Vodafone Germany, and although we're seeing some mention of the term "UMTS Turbo," let's be honest with each other and take this phone for what it is -- Voda Germany's first HSDPA handset. Data rates, which can be piped to the device of your choosing via USB or Bluetooth, are claimed to top out at 1.8 simultaneous-voice-callin' megabits/sec. Other than the blazing data speeds, the 105-gram handset itself isn't anything too spectacular, serving up 30MB of internal flash, QVGA display, and a MicroSD slot with a 64MB card thrown in the box. Without contract, the ZV50 will run you a whopping €799.50 -- yes, a shade over one grand US -- but that comes down to €229.50 with a signup.

[Via Slashphone]

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