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Tim Goodman, you're one of us now


Television critic and blogger Tim Goodman noted last night that he has purchased an HDTV and is, like probably everyone reading this, completely turned out by it. It's true, there isn't nearly enough high definition programming (is there such a thing as enough?), but what there is almost always results in owners wondering why they didn't buy one sooner. Seeing people ditch their old 480i lifestyle is like helping a good friend leave an abusive relationship (although one could say you're entering an abusive relationship of downconversion, incompatible format wars and isolation from SD-only programming, but we'd rather save that for later, after the honeymoon). All the same, his experience mirrors that of many first time HDTV buyers, and whether you've been in the game for years or are still considering that first purchase, you may find his reflections on the transition interesting.

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