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Home Theater Blog Review: Monster/ISF HDTV calibration disc

Matt Burns

Proper calibration of your HDTV will make sure that you get the best picture possible. There are some good do-it-yourself kits out there like AVIA and Digital Video Essentials, but Monster has one too. Home Theater Blog has a nice write-up about it and they found it rather nice for first timers. He points out that while the Digital Video Essentials disc offers more options and tests, the Monster disc was nice and easy. The disc is divided up into nine chapters - well, really one five of 'em are tests. Chapter one is the intro, chapter eight is a music video and chapter nine is a sales pitch for Monster Cable by Noel Lee himself. (didn't surprise us ether)

Calibration is very important if you want the best possible picture. Do yourself a favor and pick up one of these discs.

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