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INHD introduces MOJO TV lineup for adventurous men


INHD is rolling out a new programming block Mojo, a lot like Cartoon Network's Adult Swim albeit aimed at "men who live accomplished and adventurous lives". Apparently if you are one, you'll just know. Basically, they are targeting the early adopter demographic they feel is the most likely to own an HDTV with what they think they we want to watch. Several of the shows kick off June 18, with a few more to follow later, all will air primarily on Sundays and Wednesdays during prime time.

The list:

  • Three Sheets: Travel series focused on exploring local drinking customs
  • Beer Nutz: Follows up Three Sheetz, same thing but focused on beer and beer making
  • After Hours with Daniel Foodies: Inside look at some of New York's top chefs and restaurants
  • Decades: Older artists performing their hits accompanied by younger musicians, Lynyrd Skynyrd with Three Doors Down for example
  • London Live!: UK artists perform live
  • The Vegas Open: National Poker League events, kicks off July 2
  • Doctor Danger: Travel series focused on dangerous situations
  • Fueled: Behind the scenes of prepping the Pontiac GTO for the 24 Hours of Daytona
  • Technical Difficulties: Reality-show scavenger hunt with high tech devices
  • Wall Street Warriors: Behind the scenes with people who work on Wall Street
Interesting mix of programming, should help with the summer doldrums and it should help clear the "Tour de Gorge is on every night" complaints we've been hearing. They'll have to be pretty good on a Sunday to get me to flip over from The 4400 or Entourage.

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