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Philips announces Blu-ray lineup


No surprises here, but Philips is finally getting official on their BDP9000 Blu-ray player, along with that SPD7000 TripleWriter Blu-ray burner and their 25GB Blu-ray media. We saw the Philips player back at CES, but haven't heard much since. Available in the third quarter of 2006, the unit has a suggested retail price of $999, and, well, it plays Blu-ray discs. The burner is slater for Q3 as well, and we had heard of an August launch previously, so we're guessing we'll see both of these devices around then. Philips is prepping Blu-ray media as well, and they're planning on releasing their 25GB discs this month, with 50GB to follow "soon." No word on media pricing, but Philips doesn't seem to willing to break with the pack on their other products, so we're guessing $20 might do the trick.

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