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Samsung launches SGH-i320 in France


We haven't heard many peeps out of Samsung about their QWERTY "Q killer" SGH-i320 ever since we noticed its FCC approval a couple of months ago. Well, now it looks like they're ready to bust this thing out, and they're starting off with a launch in EDGE-friendly France. The EDGE smartphone isn't as wide or tall as the Motorola Q, but the phones both share that thinner-than-a-RAZR 11.5mm thickness. There's 120MB of included memory, along with a microSD slot, so Windows Mobile 5.0 should have plenty of room to play, but the QVGA display is a mere 2.2-inches, so some squinting might be in order. The phone includes Bluetooth, dual-speakers and push-email support, but we're still without a clue as to the actual launch date or specific carrier. We're also curious if Samsung can manage to compete with the Q at that $200 (with subsidies) price point, but we guess we'll find out soon.

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