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Yes, Sony's BDP-S1 is delayed; Blu-ray isn't

Matt Burns

Breaking news:
Sony is delaying the launch of their Blu-ray player, the BDP-S1.

That headline has been all over the Internet the last few days. Besides not being "Breaking News" at all (we posted on this in April), people forget that this does not delay the entire Blu-ray launch. Oh no, Samsung is guaranteeing that they will ship their Blu-ray player (BD-P1000) on June 25. In fact, some lucky people already have their players. There is more then one or two manufacturers making these player and just because three major players (Sony, Panasonic and Pioneer) are delayed does not mean the entire Blu-ray thing is put off. It is a shame though that the Sony will not be available at the launch of their format but they are releasing a bunch of titles.

Blu-ray is almost here - get those credit cards ready!

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