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Comcast adds MHD and NESN HD to the Boston market [UPDATE]

Matt Burns

Bob Colby, writer of Switchover Scenarios: Tracking the DTV Transition, has found some new HD stations and it looks like Comcast has been busy in the Boston area. It seems that they have launched two new high-def stations. MTV's high-def network, MHD, has been sited on 828. New England Sports Network high-def station, NESN HD, has been sharing INHD2s channel for some time but now gets its own station on 851. The funny thing though is that a reader at AVSFourms has confirmed the new stations but is also reporting that INHD2 is no longer on the channel guide.

Anyone else have these stations available to them?

[thanks for the tip Bob]

[UPDATE: thanks for the main Boston Comcast thread]

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