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Gateway's FPD1975W 19-inch widescreen LCD with HDCP


We loved Gateway's 21-inch LCD, the FPD2185W, so much we made it one of our most wanted Christmas gifts last year. It is an excellent monitor, with processing and to get plenty of HD on your desk with ease, plus HDCP so it's future proof for your Blu-ray or HD DVD equipped PC of the future. The only downside is the $599 price tag. Luckily now Gateway is rolling out a 19-inch version, however while it drops $300 in price, it also loses more than just two inches off of its big brother.

The FPD1975W loses the Faroudja DCDi image processing and composite inputs, but it does have DVI-D with HDCP, 8ms refresh rate, 700:1 contrast ratio and 1440x900 screen resolution. It still has the autosensing rotation display switcher so you can view things in "longscreen". If you plan on doing quite a bit of your high-def viewing on the desktop and/or plan on getting a tuner card for your PC, this could be the monitor for you. It's available now on Gateway's website for $299.

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