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Two ways to share iCal without .Mac

Dan Lurie

iCal is great. I love the elegant interface, integration with other applications, and most of all, I love how easy it is to publish and share my calenders though .Mac. Unfortunately, paying 60 bucks a year just so I can share my calenders is just not something I can justify. Lucky for cheapskates like myself, there are ways to publish calenders from iCal without paying Apple's exorbitant fees.

Amazon recently launched their Jungle Disk online storage service, which offers a WebDAV server, similar to .Mac, at rock bottom prices. One can get 20GB of storage with 2GB of monthly transfer for $3.40 per month. offers 1GB of online storage with WebDAV for free. Publishing to any WebDAV server is just as simple as publishing to .Mac. Systems Boy has a great tutorial for how to do this on his blog.

Alternately, if you already have web hosting, and don't feel like setting up a new account at Jungle Disk or, Scalp makes it possible to publish your calenders to any server with FTP, SSH, or SFTP.

Via macosxrumors and Hawk Wings

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