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Maxtor Fusion personal media hub launched


Remember Project Fusion? Well that effort to consolidate, then turn your media loose on the web via Fabrik's software and Maxtor's disks is now product. Seagate's Maxtor Fusion personal media hub holds up to 500GBs of your digital content which can be shared both privately and publicly via a web browser. Fabrik's so-called "webtop" interface makes use of AJAX and tags to provide the responsiveness and drag-n-drop flexibility generally associated with desktop apps and supports browser plug-ins for both Windows Media Player and QuickTime for seamless access to slideshows, videos, and music independent of platform. Kind of like your own You Tube and Flickr service in a box, eh? The Maxtor Fusion features a 7200RPM 500GB disk, Gigabit Ethernet, and 2 x USB 2.0 ports. Available now for $799 exclusively from J&R Music in NYC with more retailers on deck for the summer.

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