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Panasonic joins up with GalleryPlayer for HD image gallery

Matt Burns

Panasonic is going all out for their plasma customers. Apparently that plasma concierge service was just the first part of their plan to turn their plasmas from just another HDTV to a complete brand full of products and services. They have teamed up with GalleryPlayer to offer Panasonic plasma owners something else to do with their flat-panel other then just watching TV on it. GalleryPlayer allows people to hook-up a PC to their HDTV and display beautiful artwork on their screen. It's not free though as you need to buy different art packs that contain the media. To tell you the truth though, we can't figure out what the difference is between the normal GalleryPlayer and the Panasonic one. It seems that this is the classic case of 'big company wants an innovative product but it is cheaper to slap their name on someone else's goods and call it a day."

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