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The 5 most difficult NES games

Blake Snow

I think it's safe to say that video games have gotten easier over the years. Whether because easy games tend to sell better to non-gamers, the advent of the internet, or a plethora of in-game save points, it is difficult to comprehend the potential causes. Regardless, the NES had some doozies. Smackdown GT (via site mirror) writes: "The NES is home to some of the most difficult videogames ever made... Sure, you have your occasional Nintendo God who will beat any thing you put in front of him within two hours then present you with a nicely organized text file on how he did it, but what about the rest of us?"

The site has compiled the five most difficult NES games as follows:

5) Ninja Gaiden
4) Back to the Future
3) The Adventures of Bayou Billy
2) Battletoads
1) Silver Surfer
How would your list differ?

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