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Sunday at X360F: My fanboy cred


So, I was chatting with my new taskmaster and fellow Uno addict, Chris Grant, on Friday. I was informing him that I had experienced a power outage that zapped one of my posts. The outage effectively obliterated the first rendition of this post, if you must know. That's really a shame, as the first draft exuded a perfection that cannot be retold. Had you seen it, there's a good chance you would never have known sadness again.

Anywho, in response to my story, Chris -- bastion of wisdom that he is -- told me I should get a UPS for my computer (no, not PSU, a power supply, silly). This would protect both my valuable computer and my posts. Now, it just so happens that I do own a UPS. It's just not connected to my computer. Read on to sneak a peek at my inner fanboy.

Everybody still with me? Good. Pictured below is my PC's crappy, ten dollar power strip/surge protector that I got at Best Buy. I bought it the same day I bought my PC.

That's it. That's all that's protecting the hub of communication in my household. Sometimes I think the mere force of inserting a plug is going to snap it in half.

And now, gaze upon the Legendary Black Beast of a UPS that protects my TV, surround sound system, and -- most importantly -- my 360. Behold!

This sucker is big. As crazy as it sounds, it might actually be heavier than the original Xbox. Seriously, I stubbed a toe on it once and it didn't even move. On a side note, it's also a fairly accurate representation of my usual state of mind: a tangled, black mass of wires and plastic.

So rest assured my fellow fanboys, if a storm hits, my PC may explode into a fiery ball of blackened circuitry, but my Table Tennis will continue uninterrupted. Because it's rude to quit, you know?

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