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XBLM seeks its Prey (demo) [update 1]


Hey, remember that game, Prey, that 3D Realms has been working on for like 10 years? The one with the reluctant anti-hero/Native American guy? Well, 3D Realms insists that this game is actually coming out this year. What's more, they claim a demo is going hit marketplace on June 21st 22nd. That's a mere two days away for those who are keeping score. Frankly, I'll believes it when I sees it.

Seriously though, this game looks pretty fun and the demo is supposed to be 5(!) levels long. And, unlike some games, I have faith that it will release this year.

[Via QJ]

Update 1: It looks like my source had it wrong, and the demo is actually coming out on June 22nd, not June 21st. Joe Siegler of 3D Realms was kind enough to inform me of the mistake. Thanks, Joe!

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