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Leopard screen shots?

Dan Pourhadi

Powermac99 over at LeopardTracker sent me this link to some supposed Leopard screen shots. He -- and I -- can't verify their authenticity, but we've seen nothing that immediately strikes us as fake (aside from the "1983-2005" copyright on the About This Mac window, but as he points out, that could just mean that Leopard development started in 2005). And we've pretty much ruled out the "it's just a skin" factor because of the "Places" label and the "~/" mark in the Finder. There's probably a 90% chance this is photoshopped and I know you, dear detail-mincing readers, will tell me exactly why.

But hey, WWDC is right around the corner and with these screen shots we can officially declare Leopard Rumor Season open. Let the speculation begin!

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