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NaimNet brings multi-room audio to the audiophiles


If you're not completely up on Naim Audio's full product line, we can hardly blame you. After all, it's hard to be a frequent shopper of a company that sells a $23,000 pre-amp. But if you've got to have the bestest of the best, with a little UK flavor, exorbitant pricing, and now multi-room capabilities, Naim has a solution. Their new NaimNet product line, powered by StreamNet tech, uses IP networking tech for a scalable multi-room CD-quality audio network, and is based on plain-old CAT5E wired networking. They don't call their system "plug and play," Sonos sure seems to have them beat for ease-of-use, but at these prices you'll probably be opting for the custom installation anyways. NaimNet can be operated via PDAs, PCs and a stand alone control interface. Their first NaimNet products will be a four-output DAB/FM tuner, a multi-room pre-amp, and power amps for rooms, including concealed versions. Naim plans on having both top-end and "low cost" AV systems available for their system, and will support interoperability with home automations and other AV setups. NaimNet is scalable up to 1.8 million rooms, and will probably cost that many dollars by the time you get your house outfitted with the tech.

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