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NEC's MultiSync LCD2190UXi: 21.3-inches of SA-SFT for the pros


Fancy yourself a pro, eh? Then check it son, cause NEC just dropped a new 21.3-inch MultiSync for your million color palette to dance upon. NEC's new LCD2190UXi features their Super-Advanced Super Fine TFT (SA-SFT) panel flauntin' a 1,600 x 1,200 resolution, 500:1 contrast ratio, game-hatin' 20-millisecond response, 178-degree viewing angle, and host of high-end image processing capabilities for user-based gamma correction and control over brightness and color unevenness across the display. And with connectivity options including the ol' D-sub 15, three DVIs and a thin 14.9-mm bezel for multiple, multi-sync setup, she'll treat you with the respect you deserve mister professional. Dropping June 26 in Japan for ¥207,900 or about $1,806 of the green stuffs.

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