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Shake 4.1

Scott McNulty

Today Apple has announced that Shake 4.1 is available. This .1 release marks Shake's entrance into Universal Binary status, and Apple says that it really flies on Intel Macs (how about an Intel Power Mac, Apple?). That's not all though, Apple also decided that the $3000 price tag for this program was a bit much, so they chopped it down to $499 which should make Indie film makers hearts beat a little faster.

Existing Shake customers can get the upgrade for $49.

Update: A few people have pointed out that according to the Shake FAQ you can still get Shake for Linux but it'll cost you $3000. That's right, the price drop is for the Mac version only, so I suggest all you Linux Shake users pay the Mac version and use the remaining $2500 to pick yourself up a Mac.

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