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VZW prepaid code thief gets hard time

Chris Ziegler

Nothing quite like six years in the pokey to make you rethink your actions, we say. That's what one wayward Verizon Wirelss employee got thrown at him last week (70 months, to be exact) for fleecing his employer to the tune of $21 million, stealing a handful of wireless access codes, reselling them at a discount, and helping himself to the revenue stream. Adding insult to injury, the guy owes Verizon that $21 million back plus a bonus $300,000 in damages. By our rough calculations, the heist works out to a mind-boggling 210,000,000 hot daytime domestic minutes -- so if you happened to recently scoop up a few INpulse cards for a song, you might owe yourself a quick slap on the wrist.

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