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Comcast CEO: goal is to have 100s hours of HD VOD by year end

Matt Burns

Got to give it to Comcast. They are trying real hard to fill our need for more HD content. Their CEO has set a goal for them to bring certain market 100s of hours of high-def Video-On-Demand by years end. Some markets already have 10-15 hours of the programing available. They have indicated though that it is not a problem getting the high-def programming to their customers houses but rather simply finding new content. This article indicates that the current VOD system is only using about 50% of their set bandwidth and would have no issue streaming more. This may change as they ramp up the amount of content (and price 'cause, well they are Comcast) but currently they would have no problem adding more content.

Do you have HD VOD in your area? Do you ever watch it?

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