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Customize your Gamercard [update 1]


Tired of your crappy old Gamercard? Then spruce it up with the Xbox Live Gamercard Generator! The XLGG operates on the same basic principles as, but with some important differences. Unlike MyGamerCard, the XLGG lets you enhance your Gamercard with custom designs, like the one pictured above (rawr). The process is simple: enter your Gamertag -- and Live clan if you have one -- pick a design, and presto, you have a brand new Gamercard. The website outputs in GIF, JPG, and PNG formats. It also produces a URL, BB code, and HTML code for posting your card on blogs, forums, or even your own (Windows) desktop. Check it out and tell us what you think.


Update 1: as you can read in the comments, has grown quite a bit since I last used it. More options and user submitted themes actually put it ahead of XLGG in many respects. Not only that, it's also officially supported by Microsoft. Thanks for setting me straight, everyone.

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