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    Fujifilm FinePix V10 reviewed


    We first peeped Fujifilm's compact FinePix V10 at CES earlier this year, but if you've been wondering how it actually performs, the folks at Lets Go Digital have got your fix in the form of an in-depth review. The camera itself is a 5 megapixel number, with a 3.4x optical zoom, and a large 3-inch LCD taking up pretty much all of the real estate on the rear side of the device. Also notable is the high ISO settings (up to 1600), which is rarely seen in a camera of this class. Lets Go Digital really didn't find much negative to say about the camera, giving it high marks for its great lens, fast start-up speed, good color rendition, and general user-friendliness -- they even dug the camera's built-in games. Sticker price is still $349, but it looks like most retailers are selling it for closer to the $300 mark -- although the orange model here seems a bit harder to come by. Why, we don't exactly know; we're assuming it's probably not due to demand.

    [Via DP Blog]

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