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Lumines versus will cost you [update 1]


Many people have already been stunned by Lumines Live's $15 price tag. If you've already been stunned, then there's no telling what this news will do to you. X360F and I take no responsibility for any mental or physical pain and anguish as a result. Here goes: if you want to play Lumines on Live, you'll have to buy another pack that unlocks the feature. Probably, anyway. Lumines creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi hinted that maybe you won't have to pay for what should be a standard feature:

"At least that's the way we have it planned right now...We're still trying to determine if we'll package versus in the base package."

Like a sucker, I'll probably pay for it. Will you?

[Via Xboxic]

Update 1: An official response from Microsoft has confirmed that online play will be included at no extra cost. See this follow-up for the full story.

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