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Philips declares civil war on TomTom


As if the kids over at TomTom weren't already smartin' a bit from that Garmin lawsuit, now cross-town rivals in The Dam, Philips, are getting back in the navigation game. Hey, why not? You can't swing a cat in Europe without dustin' some type of Philips consumer electronics device -- so why not personal navigation? Philips will introduce a line of three new products from September and October starting at about €400 ($500). Targetting Germany, France, and the Benelux countries initially, the devices will feature Navteq map data (a former Philips subsidiary), weigh 160-grams, and measure-in at only 20-millimeters thin. And with the European and US markets expected to double this year alone, this sandbox is big enough to play. See? Now pass 'round those left-handed cigarettes and make nice.

[Via Mobile Analyst Watch]

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