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The Scourge Invades!

Mike D'Anna

When I first flew into Stormwind yesterday, I thought there was something wrong with my monitor. A thick, choking haze filled the air, and a group of mysterious soldiers had set up camp in town and were spreading disturbing news. The Scourge has invaded Azeroth, and all able-bodies have been called to her defense.

The invaders chosen method of conquest is by the use of an armada of flying necropolis'. Yes, it's an odd concept, and no, I have no idea how they make cities fly, much less dead ones, but I saw it with my own eyes, so take my word for it...these things are huge.

Swarms of powerful undead have flooded the Plaguelands, Azshara & other areas, gaining their power from mysterious obelisks scattered throughout the land. Horde & Alliance could be seen fighting side-by-side against the unholy legions, trying to destroy the crystals. Who knows how long the combined forces of both factions will be able to stave off the invaders...but it's been pretty freakin' cool so far.

Have you heeded the call to arms against the Scourge? Seen anything interesting during the event so far? Let us know...

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