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Grundig hits the market with Freeview recorders


After taking a bit of a respite from the market, price-slashing TV maker Grundig is getting back into the swing of things in the UK, and is out to provide a bit of Freeview DVB-T recording on the cheap. Even as Sky+ HDTV makes its way slowly across the UK, DVB-T is still a decent digital TV alternative for those without access, with 30 digital channels and 20 digital radio stations. Grundig's GUDVDR0IV lets you schedule up to a week of recordings in advance, and burns onto DVD+R/RW discs for easy archivin'. If stowing the shows isn't your thing, Grundig is also offering a HDD version with 160GB of recording space, the GUDVDRHDD160V. There's actually no word on price yet, but it's a pretty a safe bet that Grundig will be aiming to undercut the current Panasonic and Sony offerings on the market. Both players should be out next month.

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