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Microsoft announces X06: September in Spain [update 1]

Ross Miller

Microsoft has officially announced X06 for September 27th and 28th in Barcelona, Spain. Microsoft is hoping to attract visitors from South Africa, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland, which will all see the Xbox 360 launch in their countries by the end of the year.

Chris Lewis, the regional vice president of Xbox for Europe, Middle East and Africa, promises "some exciting announcements" this year. In 2002, Microsoft used the event to announce its acquisition of Rare.

Microsoft held its last Xbox event, X05, in Amsterdam. The event drew in many journalists for their abundance of legal "hookers and hash."

[update 1: Contrary to popular belief -- mine, and I am so popular -- it is actually not called the "Middle Ease." But if it was, it'd probably solve a lot of problems. Also corrected a date involving the MS/Rare announcement.]

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