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Next-gen Nokia 770 could sport webcam, WiMax

Evan Blass

Those of you who were disappointed to learn that Nokia eschewed that rumored QWERTY thumb board for a less functional on-screen keyboard in the recent 770 software bump will be pleased to hear that a new interface method is just one of several changes the company is looking at for its next-generation of Internet tablets. In discussing the future of the 770 line with Cnet, Nokia's VP of convergence Ari Virtanen also mentioned that a webcam could be part of the equation, as one of the company's goals with this lineup is to duplicate the fixed Internet experience on a mobile device. And although cellphone radios are still not expected to find their way into these new products-- Virtanen said that Nokia wants to keep some of its offerings out of the "cellular value chain" -- their absence may not be actually be missed that much if the company goes ahead and includes WiMax as it's also said to be considering.

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