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Nokia cancels Sanyo venture, ending CDMA development?

Chris Ziegler

Given Nokia's icy relationship with Qualcomm and "an already financially prohibitive CDMA ecosystem in general," it looks like the world's largest mobile manufacturer may be on the verge of turning its back on CDMA altogether. It's anybody's guess what exactly happened behind the closed doors of Sanyokia's meetings that caused things to go south, but in addition to pulling out of their planned joint venture to develop CDMA EV-DO handsets, Nokia is looking to deep-six its internal CDMA R&D by April of next year. That said, they also threw out that they plan to "selectively participate in key CDMA markets, with special focus on North America" going forward, which would jive well with their recently-announced Pantech deal -- likely leaving our Finnish friends with a stable of rebranded Korean handsets on Sprint and Verizon.

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