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Sony: We don't need no stinkin' GTA

Joystiq Staff

Sony is so confident that their next-gen console is going to be such a smash hit, that the loss of exclusivity of their huge PS2 and PSP top-seller, Grand Theft Auto, will be no skin off their bones. In an interview with, Jack Tretton, executive vice president of Sony Computer Entertainment America, was asked if the loss of GTA as an exclusive franchise would hurt the PS3. His response: "There's no question that having the Grand Theft Auto franchise helped us a lot and helped us sell some units, but I don't think the battle would be any different with or without Grand Theft Auto."

Completely dumbfounded by Tretton's response, TheStreet asked one more time, just to be sure. "No, I don't think it hurts us. No, I really don't," Tretton said. Whatever the execs at Sony are smokin', please let me know because I would love some of that. Exclusivity is pretty much the one thing that Sony really has going for it. To dismiss the true effectiveness of holding titles in your hands like Grand Theft Auto, Final Fantasy or God of War is just complete ignorance. I don't believe for one second, however, that Tretton or any Sony exec truly doesn't care about losing GTA. Whether they want to admit it or not, it hurts.

[via Team Xbox]

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