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UTStarcom releases XV6700 MSFP update

Ryan Block, @ryan

As the Windows Mobile 5.0 AKU2 / MSFP updates get slowly pushed through the woodworks, we must not forget those users especially inclined toward mobile email -- those with Apaches and Wizards, say we. And now that Cingular and Sprint have updates for their respective HTC devices, isn't it about time Verizon did the same? Well, they didn't, but the good news is UTStarcom went over their heads (something you don't often hear about with the V) and released the Message Security and Feature Pack for the XV6700 on their own site. Somehow we doubt this will unlock the phone's crippled WiFi, but stranger still about this scenario is that, UTStarcom's webmaster is apparently very into comics: their metadata holds superman as the site description, batman as the keyword, and batman begins as the subject. Well aight then, we get it, UT Starcom marches to the beat of a different drummer indeed.

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