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Nintendo Wii mockup next to stuff ... lots of stuff

Never again can we be accused of obsessing over the relative size of things. We admit, we're guilty of a chart here or there, and we've been known to calculate cubic volume like a mofo, but a poster at the GameFAQ's forums has just shown us how it's done.

DocCRP has crafted a pair of meticulous Wii mockups, complete with Wiimote, and proceeded to take pictures of the diminutive box next to ... well, just about everything. NES? Yup. Atari 2600? Sure. Ketchup bottle? Yeah. Dreamcatcher? Errr, yeah, that's here. John Philip Sousa award? Now it's just getting weird.

If you're really curious how the Wii sizes up compared to a 1998 US Mint Proof Set, I've handily hyperlinked the entire forum thread's worth of images after the break.

[Via DigitalBattle]

DS Lite, White Wii, Black Wii

Wii, DS Phat

Wii, DS Lite

Wii, Sega GameGear

Wii, Gamecube

NES, Wii

Wii, PlayStation 2

Wii, Atari 2600

Nintendo64, Wii

Wii, Game Boy

Oh my word ... there's more!

Wii w/ iPod

Wii w/ CD Case

Wii w/ DS Lite box

Wii w/ toy car

Wii w/ Rubik's Cube

Wii w/ Rubik's Revenge

Wii w/ PEZ Dispensers

Wii w/ pop bottle

Wii w/ ketchup bottle

Wii w/ bubbles

Wii w/ telephone

Wii w/ Nemo

Wii w/ 80's Koosh Ball

Wii w/ '99 Yomega X-Brain Wing

Wii w/ Stagg High School Marching Shako

Wii w/ Sonic the Hedgehog Comic #25

Wii w/ 5 equisized Nintendo handhelds

Wii w/ Qui-Gon Jinn

Wii w/ Mario learning card

Wii w/ space blanket

Wii w/ 3 NES games

Wii w/ Tellius

Wii w/ trumpet mute & mouthpiece

Wii w/ Webster's College Dictionary

Wii w/ Guidemap to Disney World's Magic Kingdom

Wii w/ Writer's Inc.

Wii w/ Wicked in Chicago souvenir program

Wii w/ Final Fantasy VII

Wii w/ Star Spangled Banner - Clarinet

Wii w/ Calvin and Hobbes

Wii w/ 1998 US Mint Proof Set

Wii w/ Blizzard, my White Tiger

Wii w/ Star Fox Bobble Head

Wii w/ Chug

Wii w/ Fender Strat

Wii w/ Game Boy Advance game box

Wii w/ the money I'll use to buy one

Wii w/ Luke's ROTJ lightsaber

Wii w/ Power Rangers (original) lunchbox

Wii w/ Bacon, Pizza, & Gummy Bear

Wii w/ Pokeball & Charizard

Wii w/ Selmer Reed Case, 4 Gonzalez Clarinet Reeds, & 6 Vandoren Clarinet Reeds

Wii w/ Ringo & the Yellow Submarine

Me holding my Wii

Wii w/ Upright Piano pedals

Wii w/ Beatles - Complete Scores

Wii w/ basketball

Wii w/ macaroni & cheese

Wii w/ Schroeder

Wii w/ the Golden Gate Bridge

Wii w/ Blue

Wii w/ Distilled Water

Wii w/ Lemmings Floppy Disk

Wii w/ Bill Nye book

Wii w/ Guitar tab book

Wii w/ Toilet Paper

Wii w/ Lava lamp that refused to warm up in time

Wii w/ Jabba

Wii w/ my bed

Wii w/ a stove

Wii w/ a refrigerator

Wii w/ high school John Philip Sousa award

Wii w/ VHS video case

Wii w/ my alto sax

Wii w/ a dreamcatcher

Wii w/ my high school NHS honor cords

Wii w/ my clarinet section leader binder

Wii w/ my ticket to a local drum corps show (headlined by The Cavaliers)

Wii w/ CD half-inserted

Wii w/ DS Lite

Wii w/ Chicago Bulls championship locker room hats

Wii w/ Master Locks

Wii w/ Graduation presents for my friends (all girls, obsessed with my copies)

Wii w/ 27" TV

Wii w/ a $40 star chart

Wii w/ 2 year old college applications

Wii w/ geode

Wii w/ laptop 1

Wii w/ laptop 2

Wii w/ USB plug

Wii w/ Wii

White Wii, Black Wii, $2 Bill

Front of dollar bill with front of Wii

Wii w/ CD on top

Wii in the Toilet

Ebony and Ivory

Wii w/ Telescope

Wii w/ my half-stack

Wii w/ DDR Dance Pad

Wii w/ Millenium Falcon

Wii on Top of the World

Wii w/ Bike

Wii's Dark Side

Wii w/ Wavebird receiver AND normal GC controller plugged in

'nother cool Black Wii, White Wii, DS Lite pic

Wiimote coming to life, 2, 3

Wiimote and DS Lite:

GC cables plugged into Wii

Wii, Wiimote w/ Piano (Wii spands a minor 10th, the Wiimote a major 7th)

Wii, Wiimote w/ paperback Tess of the d'Urbervilles (I couldn't find my copy of Catcher in the Rye...)

Wii, Wiimote, GC power brick, GC A/V cable, and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

N64, GC, Wii controllers
, 2

Wiimote w/ GC Wavebird

Wiimote w/ N64 Controller

Wiimote w/ NES Controller, 2, 3

Wiimote w/ Atari 2600 Controller, 2

Wiimote w/ Game Boy

Wiimote w/ Pikachu Edition Game Boy Color

Wiimote w/ Game Boy Advance

Wiimote w/ Nintendo DS

Wiimote w/ Nintendo DS lite

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