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Oakley Thump Pro in the works


Alright Oakley, we'll try to break this to you gently: we're not really digging this whole Thump thing. Yeah, we realise we should've come clean back in 2004 when we first spotted them, but now that we're nearing on two years of Thump versioning, we thought you might try cramming an MP3 player into something other than some silly looking sunglasses for a change. No matter, just our opinion, and it looks like you guys are already set on releasing the "Thump Pro" version this Holiday season. Oakley dropped the info during a rather boring corporate meetup of theirs, and will be basing the design on their BOTTLECAP line of shades which are pictured above.  With "Unobtainium" components, water/sweat resistance and interchangeable lenses, these Thump Pros are set to be the baddest Thumps yet, and we mean that in the kindest way possible.

[Thanks, Monster Dog]

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