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    Fuji's six megapixel Finepix F470 reviewed

    Evan Blass

    When it comes to ultracompact digital cameras, they don't get much more pocketable than the Fujifilm Finepix F470 we first spotted at CES, which at 122-grams, is one of the lightest six megapixel shooters you can buy, Yet according to Digital Camera Review, the diminutive F470 is also an excellent performer, with almost insignificant startup times and shutter lag, low to acceptable noise levels up to ISO 400, and most importantly, accurate color and white balance -- save for some purple fringing on shots captured at full 3x zoom. You're also getting a 2.5-inch LCD, VGA video at 30fps, and 16MB of onboard memory, plus, the few downsides here don't sound all that bad: below average life from the included rechargeable battery, only six steps on the optical zoom, and an Exposure Compensation setting that doesn't auto-reset are the only gripes this reviewer had. Oh, that and the fact that you'll have to shell out for an xD card along with your purchase, because chances are you don't already have one, and Fuji doesn't include one in the box.

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