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For Sony, everything old is new again

Joystiq Staff

For those who were still wondering just how revolutionary the new PlayStation 3 controller was, well feast your eyes on this PlayStation Magazine video podcast that shows first hand just how great the technology is. Hosted by some uber gaming writer, our guide takes us through a magical time machine back to 1999 to demonstrate the use of a controller by Pelican that is eerily similar to the ancient groundbreaking PS3 controller.

Playing a 1995 version of Warhawk then Gran Turismo 4, we get to see that the PS3 controller ain't so new. In fact, not only does the controller mimic the same motions as the new one, but it also supports vibration -- something the PS3 one will lack. Of course the PS3 controller will be wireless, and perhaps be more precise, but don't gamers deserve something a little more for their $600 than rehashed 7-year-old ideas?

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