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HD DVD and Blu-ray movies released on June 27th 2006

Ben Drawbaugh

Here we are officially in the new format war, this is week two of releases and Blu-ray is still catching up to HD DVD, but has a long way to go. In the past we have been using one source for this information and our laziness has been revealed by a few as previous posts have not been 100% accurate. From this point on we will spend some more time to ensure our information is accurate.

This week Warner keeps releasing titles with a classic Mel Gibson movie and Concert Hot Spot releases another concert, in the past we have been missing the concerts which was the main inaccuracy in our lists.

Lionsgate joins the Blu-ray party this week with last years Academy Award winner for best Picture; Crash. As well as other great movies like Lord of War, Terminator 2 and The Punisher, ok The Punisher wasn't that good, but it was filmed in Tampa which makes it required viewing for me at least. Everyone in the Blu-ray camp is hoping for better reviews of Lionsgate's movies than Sony's titles from last week.

This brings the total to HD DVD 32 vs Blu-ray 13.



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