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iSkin releases Claro case for 5G iPods with belt clip/kick stand

David Chartier

Now here is one of the more interesting and functional 5G iPod cases I've seen in a while: a clear plastic case with a belt clip that doubles as a kick stand. This iSkin Claro easily shows up my clear agent18 case, but the $39 sticker price is a tad steep. If a plain clear case doesn't get your credit card numbers flowing, iSkin also provides Claro slims, 3-packs of colored skins for $20 USD that can spice up any oh-so-yesterday black or white 5G iPod. Oh, and don't forget to spend an extra $20 to succumb to your accessorizing obsession with iSkin CERULEAN XLR Bass Enhancing Stereo Earphones, with eight color choices to make sure you get as far away from Apple's trademark white as possible.

The iSkin Claro is available at present only for 30 GB 5G iPods and can be had at iSkin's site.

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