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Keepin' it... wait, that's a Bluetooth Skype phone?


Sure, it might look exactly like those iPod shuffle knockoffs floating around a bit ago, but this new FlashPhone F4K has more going on than just an ugly paint job. The F4K, from the same Mplat that brought us the sexier F2K, is one of those VoIP phone on a USB stick setups, except that this version includes Bluetooth to allow you to make those calls wire-free. Mostly designed for softphone use, the F4K can handle Skype, MSN, Google Talk, Xten, SIP Phone and more, so you shouldn't have much trouble working it from most computers with an Internet connection -- we just want to know why it needs MP3 playback controls. A bit of audio on the go would be nice, but either way we can't really complain with this thing priced at $40 for the 128MB version.

[Via TRFJ]

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