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LG's U300 flip for the 3G masses

Chris Ziegler

The concept of entry-level 3G is starting to pick up a good head of steam in some parts of the world, and manufacturers are standing at the ready. LG is next to the party, dropping its stylish U300 clamshell exclusively on Hutchison's 3 network this month. Phones like the U300 aren't likely to cause a commotion in Europe where UMTS and UMTS-capable handsets are seemingly omnipresent, but golly, what we'd do to get our American paws on this: dual color displays, 1.3 megapixel camera, MicroSD slot, and A2DP support are all included in the phone's very attractive packaging. And when you consider that the U300 will likely go for a song on contract -- well, it's all we can do to contain our jealous rage.

[Via T3]

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