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Watch the entire God of War 2 E3 demo; get frustrated

GameVideos has a direct feed of the entire E3 God of War 2 demo being played through. Problem is, it's like watching your friends playing a video game; thankfully, the physical limitations of reality preclude us from reaching into the video and showing this nubcake how it's done. But if we could, dear reader, rest comfortable knowing it would take us far shorter than the twenty-four brutality-soaked minutes seen here.

So, while you're exercising self control, sit back and drink in the beautiful scenery. Yup, this is the PS2 looking its finest, folks. For the SAT prep students in the house, God of War II:PS2::Resident Evil 4:Gamecube. Don't believe us? The entire video is embedded after the break, or download the enormous 430Mb .mov (or .wmv) file for filing away, right next to those Kratos-cosplay videos you've been hoarding. For shame!

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Now with less autoplaying! Nice work GV.

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