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WWPC gets real with ZYPAD WL 1000


The last time we saw this wrist-worn PC it was a mere concept, and a sketchy one at that. With some outlandish claims like 8 hours of battery life, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, SD card expansion and a QVGA 3.5-inch LCD, we just figured we'd let it sit until its creators managed to throw it together for reals. Well, it looks like they managed to do just that, and the new ZYPAD WL 1000 from Parvus has all those capabilities and more. An interesting supplement to the GPS function is a tilt sensor to recognize if the user is moving, providing an extra Big Brother factor for employers. The unit can run Windows CE 5.0 or a Linux OS based on Kernel 2.6 with its 400MHz processor, and there's also a USB port, backlit keys and an audio jack to flesh out the feature set. Parvus just showed this off to some military types in DC, but the product is still listed as "coming soon," so there's no word on when this will be out or how much it will cost.


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