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Alienware's m3450, m5550, and m5750 go Core Duo

Ryan Block, @ryan

They had to go Core Duo sometime, so why not now? Looks like Alienware's updated their laptop lineup with three new machines that run right up the spectrum of portable product offerings. The new Sentia m3450, replacement to the m3400, is your basic 14.1-inch widescreen Centrino Duo 5.5-pounder, integrated graphics, and options for the usual gear (7200 RPM drives, Bluetooth, etc.); the 15.4-inch Area-51 m5550, successor to the m5500 also appears to be more of the same, though this time, of course, equipped with Core Duo Mobile (and integrated graphics, as far as we can tell); and, of course, their 17-inch powerhouse m5700 go the Core Duo upgrade and the m5750 monicker and, you guessed it, that new dual core Intel chip. Expect prices between $1,100 to upwards of a couple of grand, depending on your machine and options; games not included, and probably shouldn't be considered for your regular Alienware shoppers looking to snag a rig with some graphics horsepower.

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