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Component looks better than HDMI on Samsung's BD-P1000

Matt Burns

And so the bad quality Blu-ray player saga continues with the video quality being better via component video than HDMI. Bill Hunt had the opportunity to take his BD-P1000 over to Pioneer's headquarters and do a side-by-side test with the Pioneer BDP-HD1 on their gorgeous 50-inch 1080p plasma. The Pioneer did look better then the Sammy to start with but when component was used for the Samsung, it came really close. The Pioneer did have a better picture with deeper contrasts and more detail though, but the player was outputting 1080p over HDMI to a native 1080p display; it should look better. Oh and they did test VC-1 material on both players and it does look "absolutely spectacular;" dramatically better then the MPEG-2 stuff out right now. It's a good read.

None of us own this player yet so we can't tell you for sure if this is true yet so we are relying on you readers. Try this and tell us what you think. Does component video in fact look better then HDMI on Samsung BD-P1000 Blu-ray player?

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