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LG's "Agis" Black Label phone

Chris Ziegler

LG continues to grow its chic "Black Label" series of phones, and a keen reader in Brazil appears to have captured one of the next devices to be graced with the name. We don't know much about this diminutive GSM candybar -- apparently codenamed "Agis" -- but frankly, we don't think it will catch many eyes when it hits the streets. Besides the rather plain appearance, the Agis will be rocking a music player and camera. We know that's not much information for you to chew on, but it's rumored to be coming in the next couple quarters, so you shouldn't have to wait long to get the full rundown.

[Thanks, Henrique]

Update: Our trusty readers have pointed out that the Agis looks essentially like the LG KG320, plus or minus some minor differences in the keypad. Thanks to everyone who pointed this out.

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